New Poetry Chapbook: Sketches: An Ekphrasic Journey

(from Sketches: An Ekphrasic Journey)

A Note From The Author

When my sister suddenly died in late May of 2004, I was the one who cleaned out her apartment and decided what to keep, throw away, or donate. Her drawings were one of the main items I kept. I tucked them away in my closet for two years and then in my basement when I married and moved.

Three years after my move and five years after my sister’s death; I pulled out her portfolio stuffed with sketchbooks and old posters (movie posters from the NYC train stations) which were filled with renderings of faces, body parts, and patterns. I flipped through the sketchbooks and noticed completed drawings as well as incomplete ones. As I continued to flip the pages, I wondered what the subjects in the drawings were thinking. I sat looking at these portraits and figures, then it came to me, I could have the subjects voice their thoughts through the vessel of poetry. I gathered all the drawings that spoke to me and photocopied them to store in a book report folder.

My journey began when I intensely examined the first drawing and wrote a poem. I was steadfast writing and had about four to five pieces when I presented them to my writing group. After my reading/presentation, another member said that my work reminded him of Khalil Gibran because of my use of drawings and poetry. He told me a little about Khalil Gibran and suggested that I read The Prophet.