How To Be a Better Writer/ Author on Goodreads and Linkedin


When I first opened an account on Goodreads back in 2011, I started as a reader. I wanted to catalogue all the books that I had read and plan on reading. I had an account on Shelfari but I wanted more activity and connections with other readers (It seems everyone abandoned Shelfari for Goodreads). When I started importing my books into Goodreads, I liked the format of the library catalogue—it looked more sharper and cleaner compared to the boring bookshelf at Shelfari. I admit I only started cataloguing my books and never started interacting on the site until two years later when I decided to create an author page.

After creating an author page, I joined groups such as Poetry and Goodreads Author Feedback in hopes of connecting with like-minded writers. I am an observer first before I dive into something. This is what I do when I first attend an open mic. I usually feel the vibe of the place and the people the first time I attend and then the second time I sign up to read (I use this same technique when joining a writing community). So, I was a voyeur for some time. I watched how the writers interacted with one another. It seemed very respectable and peaceful (even the disagreements were understandable and civil). I felt comfortable and decided to take the plunge. I was the “new kid on the block” and seemed to be welcomed into the community.

Within months, I joined more groups and was both observer and participant. In my observation, I noticed some participants who were readers and only readers, who did not like it when authors did not read the policy in particular groups. They hated when authors “spammed” a discussion thread. I could relate to their point. As a reader, I like to scan books of interest on my time and not forced to look at someone’s book because they decided to post in the discussion and not read the policy.

Rule #1: Read the policy and rules of the group

I have seen administrators pipe in to tell the author that the rules state “no spamming” and if anyone does.