Artist Dates & Creativity

Lately, I 've been a little sluggish in the Artist part of me, even though I just finished editing a new poetry book (I'm solely the editor in this venture). Not to say being an editor is not creative because you are very much the helper in bringing the work alive. But, it is not what I created or thought of in the first place. It is not My Muse that is highlighted but someone else. I don't think this is egotistical of me saying this but merely an Artist who has been stifled for what ever said reason. And I come to realize, that the Artist in me is a big and important part of my life like my family. Actually, my Artist is my third child, that needs nurturing and attention just like my daughters. Just like I feed my children and give them the security to let them grow. I must do the same for my Artist. That's why I am now once again having Artists Dates. I used to do them consistently seven years ago when I was learning and reading The Artist's Way, but has tapered off when family life intervened. But, what Artist's Dates I can do, I will try and give my Artist the best nutrients. I did it earlier this year, by attending these two events:

National Black Writers Conference

The National Black Writers Conference is held every two years at Medgar Evers College. The conference is a 4-day event with Panel Discussions, workshops, and Award Ceremony honoring various individuals in the literary world.

I attended the full day of panels on Saturday, March 31. Some of the panels were discussions that I had heard before but it was nice to her different panelists opinions on various subjects which included Street/Urban Literature, the importance of craft and What is being a Black/African-American writer mean?

By attending this conference, my Artist self became more alert to what she needed to do. She needed to evaluate what she did in the past, where she is at right now, and what she need to do in the future.