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Writers Who Inspire

All throughout the month of May, I will be participating in the She Writes Instagram Challenge.

The Challenge consist of different prompts for each day.

Today's prompt ask, "Who is a Woman Writer who inspires you?"

This prompt is a hard one for me because I am inspired by a lot of writers.

I, even, dedicated a Pinterest board for my favorite writers (male and female).

For the Challenge, I pulled four writers from that board: Dr. Maya Angelou, Lorraine Hansbury, Toni Morrison, and Isabel Allende. Each of them have inspired me as a writer.

Dr. Maya Angelou

I first discovered Maya Angelou when I was twelve years old. I immediately fell in love with her poetry and wanted to learn more about her. So, I read all of her autobiographies. I started writing my own poetry secretly in my bedroom.

Lorraine Hansbury

I became a fan of acting by watching Cicely Tyson portray Miss Jane Pittman, Harriet Tubman, and her roles in Sounder and Roots. In my pursuit of acting, I begged my mother for acting lessons. She enrolled me in an acting class. I was mesmerized when another student did a monologue from A Raisin in the Sun. I wanted to read more of the play and borrowed a copy from the library. I was so impressed with Mrs. Hansbury writing and how she accomplished so much in a short period of time that I wanted to strive for the same.

Toni Morrison

I first started reading Mrs. Morrison's work in college along with Alice Walker and Zora Neale Hurston. I, absolutely, love all three writers. They each holds a special place in my writing inspiration. I chose Mrs. Morrison because she was the most complicated author to read. Mrs. Morrison in depth writing was good because it really made me think and concentrate. Sometimes as a reader, your mind can drift and gloss over the page. Mrs. Morrison writing forces you to stay present and that's what you as an writer want.

Isabel Allende

I recently started reading Mrs. Allende in last few years. I only read two of her books: Inez of My Soul and The Japanese Lover but I was drawn into her storytelling technique. As I read, Inez of My Soul, I was amazed how she told the historical story of conquistador Inez Suarez in only six chapters. The chapters were long but never boring. Like Mrs. Morrison, her writing is very intricate and keeps the reader engaged in the story.

To join me in the She Writes Instagram Challenge, please follow me at : www.instagram/authorsandraproto/



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