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Photo by Nick Cicione of the Valley Stream Herald

Interview in the Valley Stream Herald

Local poet finalizing her third book

By Nick Ciccone


A Valley Stream woman who has self-published two books of poetry is putting the final touches on her third work, which she based on a series of unfinished drawings by her late sister.

“My sister had all of these sketches, and some of them are, like, half done,” explained Sandra Proto. “So my curiosity is like, OK, she didn’t finish it. Why didn’t she finish it? Did she do it on purpose? Was she practicing? I don’t know.”

Spring's Tepid Breath

Excerpt from

Wrapped up in Life with Omnicient Eyes 

Interview in Writers' World Newspaper


Author Spot-Light Questions:

What was your life like before becoming an Author?

Before I decided to self-publish, I was (and still am) immersed in studying my craft.  I attended writer’s conferences, critique groups, writing workshops, and spent long hours writing and editing.

#BlackPoetsSpeakOut Sandra Proto- a reading of (the boy with the worried eyes)

Writing Inspiration: Some questions from Ask the Author on Goodreads

July 28, 2014

Over the weekend, I participated in Ask the Author on Goodreads. Ask the Author is a new tool that helps connect readers with authors and also, authors with authors. The readers or fellow authors can ask an author questions related to their books or any general writing questions they may have.


Interview with Denise Turney

Sandra Proto Discusses the Making of Great Poetry

Poetry is the spice of creative writing! It reveals the inner workings, the passions, hopes and dreams of a person! Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 11 a.m./EST, poet and stage play writer, Sandra Proto, shares secrets to making winning poems and live stage plays.

All I Can See Is Her Eyes 

(Audio Only)

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