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"The range in this collection is wondrous - poems that are directly addressed, poems that are offered up, poems that are lineated & traditional in their presentation & those that explore the open field of the page itself."

-Writer's Digest 2012 Self-Published Book Awards Review for Wrapped Up in Life with Omniscient Eyes


"I had won this book through a giveaway on here I believe and i have to say that her poetry is some of the best I've read. And it came signed which i wasn't expecting, but it was a good note and i have to say that I'd suggest this book to others."

-Winter's Review on Goodreads for Wrapped Up in Life with Omniscient Eyes

"I do believe a Kindly Spirit might have shared their "omniscient" power with Sandra Proto. Every poem in wrapped up in life with omniscient eyes is wise and beautiful and sometimes sorrowful rather than happy. What matters is whenever I opened this book my body fleshed out with purpose and love of life. Each poem is one I want to reread on another day in another month and another season."

-Hattie's Review on Goodreads



Wrapped Up in Life with Omniscient Eyes is a collection of poetry based on the life experiences and observations through the eyes of the author. The first poem of the book is entitled 'Blackberry Beauty', which uses metaphorical prose to emphasize the fact that beauty is found deep within and although others may see beauty as a likeness based on appearance, it is the individual who perceives their own beauty. 'Blackberry Beauty' is about how the author describes the complexion of her skin tone which others may see as a negative flaw. But the author remarks that it is her mind that she can empower with the positive force of her beauty and adds that she can share the beauty of herself with others. ​This is a good book to read from the beginning to the end for all those who may be interested in taking that journey through life with self evaluation and following whatever path it leads to.

-Reviewed by Lisa M. for Readers' Favorite


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