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Lavender-Handcrafted by Sandra Proto

Blackberry Beauty


She has very dark skin.

Some say like a blackberry.

When she enters a room,

All eyes are locked on this intriguing figure.

She walks in her own little grace,

Her head carefully lowered at the floor,

Her steps as delicate and graceful as a swan.

When she speaks,

Her voice is a whisper like a quiet storm.

All eyes fall on this blackberry beauty.

Not because she is beautiful.

Some say, “She is ugly because she is way too dark.”

Others say, “She is pretty but too dark.”

Blackberry Beauty is scorned.

She is two-tones too dark.

But if she was three-tones too light,

Some would say, “She is ugly because she is a wanna be.”

Others would say, “She is pretty but too light.”

Blackberry Beauty is torn.

She doesn’t know if she is ugly

or pretty.

She doesn’t know if her very dark skin

is the cause of her ugliness

or if she is just plain ugly.

Blackberry Beauty has all eyes on her.

She slowly raises her head and smiles at the onlookers.

Her walk is still graceful and delicate.

Her voice is still a whisper.


She says, “I am the beautiful Blackberry. I was made to be way too dark because I am ripe. My beauty comes from my blackberry skin and your ugliness comes from your unripe ones.”


(Excerpt from Wrapped up in Life with Omniscient Eyes)


copyrighted  2010 by Sandra Proto

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